Meet ANNA and her team; see this short intro to SYMFONI!

Just like for ANNA, our online collaboration suite can help your organization to better:


The SYMFONI solution let's you organize and find what you need, - in ONE secure place! Use our SITES module as your starting point for the day. The HRM module to find the right people and skills you need on a project or to fill a vacant position. Find contracts, files and documents, tasks and projects in the DOCUMENTS module, and organize them in PROJECTS. Find the right QUALITY procedure, checklist or FORM. Connect people with processes and information, to create value for your business! 


Share your work with everyone, or with just a few, you are in control of security. Share what you want; publish web pages, quality procedures, checklists & policies, your skills & certifications, project reports and documents. Build portals, intranets and websites to attract customers, employees, and partners to join your world. Access your information from anywhere; it's mobile, social, responsive and user-friendly!


It's all about people! Bridge external and internal teams, collaborate securely on files, notes, documents, tasks and activities. Discuss, approve and publish files, documents and videos to any target audience. Launch a social intranet, to build and nurture the right culture and employee engagement! Use TEMPLATES to automate your processes following BestPractice routines, with the right content.


Attract, develop and retain the best talent! Track skills, certifications and plan for career development with HRM. Great quality means never stop perfecting what we do. The QUALITY module let’s you manage policies and guidelines, and measure performance and catch deviations, registrations and complaints through FORMS. Both web and mobile, where your employees and customers are.


Learn about our solution areas


Web & Social

Build great web sites and engaging social intranets to boost your business!


Projects & Documents

Support projects and activities with our document management modules. Contracts, cases, activities, deadlines, versioning, contacts and external collaboration are just a few keywords.


HRM & Talent

Our HRM modules enable you to track and develop skills, and retain the best talents. Build rich profiles to support career development, ISO certification. Organize training with course catalog and planning tools


Quality Control

Quality means never stop perfecting what you do. Our modules lets you manage documentation, review, share and publish procedures and checklists, and use forms to capture and process deviations, complaints and data collections.