We need a collective place to ‘gather’ and to organize our work, our business processes, to share information and to communicate.
SYMFONI is that platform, and enables the entire organization to work in one secure place for all their processes.


  Document Management - On steroids. But simple!

Simply keep all your documents in one place, then easily find them and re-use them, share them, present them. Anywhere. Web and mobile. Securely. All versions and drafts are automatically saved. You control what to keep, and you can easily go back to your previous versions. Let team members “take it away”, then safely edit and combine content into your final result.

- And work the web: No more downloading your documents, edit them, and then manually upload them to server. With SYMFONI you can open your document from the web, edit and save right back. Mac or PC. You can even start from scratch in Microsoft Office, and save directly to SYMFONI. - If you don't want to use Office today; make notes and content directly inside SYMFONI, without having to fire up Office. Or upload your Word document or Powerpoint presentation. No problem. We’ll make a quick preview version available as a PDF, viewable in the browser.

  Activities, deadlines and discussions - With external Collaboration!

Deadlines and responsibility settings allow you to track and delegate tasks you or your team need to complete. Set deadlines, assign them to people, and let people see their tasks across all the projects they participate in. Discuss plans, budgets, visions, contracts, ideas… Invite experts to join the conversation, and to help you shape your content the way it should be. 

Share and collaborate with your colleagues and partners, external and internal! Give a password to the people you work with the most outside your organization, and enable them to access and work on your projects or documents. Keep track of versions, discuss and decide. No more emails with “version 19 attached, hope this is the correct version”.

  Best Practice - Automated and Secure!

What if you could clone the best people in your organization, taking advantage of their experience, knowledge, routines and expertise? With Process Templates you can capture the Best Practices of your organization, and re-use them, time and again. Everything in a project can be included in such a template, and you can start new folders/cases/projects with a predefined structure, readymade documents and plans. 

Control who can see what. Share with your customer, but only what you decide to share. Control who can read your documents. Invite people to contribute. To review. To give their approval or simply discuss and give feedback.


It’s not about technology. It’s about people. Working better together!