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  Google search has no idea who your company is.

Approximately 90% of all Google traffic results are found on the first page. However, within the 10 results displayed on the front page, a 1st place ranking receives around 32% of the traffic while a 10th place ranking receives around 2% - a 16 times difference. Ultimately, websites that are properly search engine optimized (SEO) allow people to find your company rather than your competitors.

  Your current website is outdated, is text heavy and lacks visual richness.

People are demanding and consuming information at increasing speeds. The result is that information is often outdated as soon as it is posted because it is difficult to share and maintain text, pictures, videos all while integrating with social media. So if there is more focus on producing code than producing  attractive content, perhaps your company is missing out sharing the right message with the right people.

  Your website is held hostage by computer screens without extending to mobile devices.

There was a time when broadening your communications and branding though a mobile strategy was a uniqueness, not a necessity. That time has passed. Instead of a fixed setting, imagine a website that smoothly extends across a wide range of devices to provide an optimal viewing experience for the user. Imagine having an extension of this website as a native, or web or even hybrid app. Then imagine how cost and time effective it would be for your organization if this was your reality.


SYMFONI Sites is a scalable and flexible Content Management System (CMS) with a user friendly author interface that allows you to manage content  while structuring and designing your website with ease.