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Leaving Notes / Domino - where are you going, who will help you?

You are moving from Notes Domino. But have you chosen a guide that knows both your starting point and destination? Or are you moving along blindfolded? What strategy to form and what tools and platform(s) to go to depends on many factors.



Experienced guides

As the leading experts on Notes Domino in the Nordics we have in depth knowledge about the platform you are moving away from. We know your current working tools in detail. At the same time, we also know a lot about the platform that you are on your way to. Therefore, we know exactly what applications that replace your current ones. With Symfoni, you get a number of experts who knows your existing and future platform. 

The quick fix or the long-term solution?

In a transition phase, from one platform to another, there are a myriad of roads to choose. What works for one company may not work for another. The right way as such does not need to be slow, but it is important that you have considered thing thoroughly before you set the process in motion. Which applications should you start with? Which applications should be further developed? Which applications should be phased out and which should you keep?

Proven tools and methods

At Symfoni we use a number of proven methods and tools when working with transitions for small, medium-sized and large businesses.

We work with four phases, each ensuring the most efficient workflow for the customer. Ultimately, we end up with the right plan for your transition from one platform to another:

Phase 1: Categorization  In phase 1, we develop a "scoring model" that takes into consideration your strategy and business requirements. This scoring model sorts your applications into four categories. We use the categorizations from Gartners TIME-model so that we subsequently can make data collection on a more limited application range.  

Phase 2: Data Collection 
When the preliminary work is done, and the individual applications have been status marked, the actual data collection can be initiated. The data collection process is typically a combination of questionnaires, automated collection and review of selected databases. For this purpose, we have a comprehensive toolbox consisting of analysis and conversion tools, process and methodology knowledge, templates, and, naturally, an in-depth experience with Domino and target platforms (SYMFONI, SharePoint, Java/LAMP, etc).

Phase 3: Definition of strategy and plan 
Based on information from the data collection process, the strategy is defined and the planning process that determines which applications that should be migrated is initiated.  

Phase 4: Migration 
As a final part of the process we are now ready to initiate phase four, which is the actual migration. With the strong foundation that was created in the previous three phases, this phase will be clear and easy.