We help you get started collaborating

Locating the important stakeholders and roles in your organization, and bringing people together to plan and commit to the implementation. "Togetherness" is a lot better when you're actually together, and that goes for setting off a project to best utilize a collaboration platform like SYMFONI.

Getting off to a good start

We'll help you and your organisation to get the right start collaborating using SYMFONI solutions and modules. It's all about people, information and processes -whether you're building a web site or intranet on SYMFONI Sites, collaborating on documents, projects and activities with SYMFONI Docs & Folders, tracking skills and building tomorrow's talent in SYMFONI HRM, or implementing ISO certification compliant documentation and forms with SYMFONI Quality.

We help you get collaborating and implementing Best Practices, to get started using SYMFONI solutions. Select the right modules, plan and configure to meet your needs for success. Plan and execute training of teams and employees. Be your best you! 

You can talk to one of our advisors or subject matter experts to get an idea of how to best get started working better - together, using the SYMFONI collaboration suite. Just contact us, and we'll get right back to you!

Maturity Packs – fast tracks to collaboration!

When can we start? How long does it take? How many workshops? Who should participate? Do we need training? What does it cost?

When buying a solution from Symfoni, our Maturity Packs are the quickest and safest way to ensure success and a predictable process for implementing our collaboration solutions.

They also provide smart ways to move beyond “basic” if you already have a SYMFONI solution. We provide a documented process, where introduction, workshops, use case adaptation, training sessions, checklists and configurations are all lined up. As a customer, you will know exactly what you will get, and what is expected from you in the process.

Image: Example of process and timeline from one of our Maturity Packs. Workshops and training etc.are predefined and outlined 


Maturity Packs - tailored for you

Even though we have a standardized project process to get you started with our solutions, we always adapt to how you want to run your business. For most of our maturity packs there are one or more “Use Case” element where your processes will be covered and supported. And we’ll help you get to the next steps as well.

Choose your starting point

Depending on your needs, on the type of process or type of solution you want, we help you find the right starting point. Our Maturity Packs have been put together by experts in each domain.

  • To get started with Projects and Documents; try MP101.
  • For a kick-starter to your Intranet, try MP501.
  • Or, for Quality Handbooks, why not start with MP231? 

For every need, we can find a great way for you to start. And all Maturity Packs also include a summary session and help to define your next steps.

Your pathway to complete collaboration

By adding multiple maturity packs for different use case scenarios and/or maturity levels, you’ll reach your “collaboration nirvana” quicker and in a more structured way. 

Start your collaboration journey today, by talking to one of our advisors. They will listen to your needs, share from their vast experience and expertise, and together you can build a plan for collaboration success in your organization.

The result? 

Happier users, better collaboration and a quicker return on your investment. 
- And that makes for a happy boss, as well ☺


Our project model - a high level intro

For custom projects not covered by our Maturity Packs, we follow our Symfoni Project Model:

The Symfoni Project model is inspired by, and somewhat based on the british standard Prince2 (PRojects IN Control).

Our project phases are:

  1. Initiate
  2. Plan & Design
  3. Build
  4. Accept
  5. Deploy
  6. Early Life Support
  7. Close

For more information about our projects and how to get started with SYMFONI, please contact us!