Managed Services

Application Management from Symfoni allows your software solution to positively contribute to your company's success. This is by professional implementation, operation and follow-up.

Significant investments are often used to evaluate and implement programs that automate critical business processes. However, these are not sufficient to achieve the business advantages that you expect from your system. Application Management can integrate these solutions in your daily operations and thereby realize their full business advantage.

Symfoni offers a complete array of tailored core solutions for support, maintenance and improvement of services. These are all based upon best practices. Our Application Management services ensure optimal quality, performance and risk, while also maintaining low costs.

Symfoni has assisted global customers in managing their existing solutions. We offer all levels of support and improvements to customers, namely from the management of introductory service desk requests and the checking of solutions through to proactive system administration and migration.

Our Speciality

Our Speciality is Managing Notes/Domino Solutions, either own-bulid customer-tailored solutions, or Symfoni-tailored Solutions.

We manage your solutions “on their way out" or solutions you decide to keep, but where you do not want to spend internal knowledge and ressources.

We also offer to maintain and support your Notes/Domino platform, with skilled ressources, if you find it too expensive to keep your internal resourcers competent on the platform.

See also our offer for Escape Notes.