PHP in App Engine Standard environment

Running PHP in App Engine Standard environment in 2019

I am a fan of using “boring” (or as I put it – mature) technology for customer work. I like using familiar, well-documented tools to solve customer problems. For me the job is all about implementing the customers’ business solutions. So when we started to use Google Cloud Platform I had assumed I would just…

Word and Excel on Google Drive

“Our organization has invested a great deal in training in Word and Excel. Our employees are familiar with them. Why should we switch to other products such as Google Docs and Google Sheets?” This is a familiar argument that often crops up when an organization is thinking of switching to Google Drive (also known in…

Bedre samarbeid med G Suite

Better collaboration with G Suite

Good collaboration in business is no longer simply about good project management – technology is just as important, if not more so. Streamlined technology that allows those involved to participate and collaborate unhindered is vital for successful collaboration. Google designed G Suite in a bid to help businesses towards better collaboration t

Hvorfor er webdesign viktig?

Why is web design important?

For many people, design may be associated with something superficial and lavish, and people are sceptical about giving priority to it when it comes to use of resources. You run a company. You have great faith in the products or services you supply, and you have a website that works perfectly well. Why spend time…

Hvordan er det å være utvikler i Symfoni?

What’s it like being a developer at Symfoni Next?

“I especially like customer meetings, and I try to get to these as often as possible and with as many people as possible. Meeting someone face to face gets you a bit better known, and it makes it easier to understand the customer’s needs.” Hi, Ole Marius! What do you do at Symfoni Next? Hi!…

hvorfor kjøre nettsiden i skyen

Why run your website in the cloud?

In the article «What does having a database in the cloud mean?» we looked at the biggest technical differences between running a website on an ordinary computer and running it in the cloud. One of the most important points was that in the cloud you have access to different services and systems that can free…

Kan intranettet forbedre internkommunikasjonen

Could an intranet improve internal communication in your company?

We think so. In any case, you can go a long way towards it with the digital collaboration platform and intranet from Happeo. How, you might be wondering?   Intranets have changed Intranets are not a new phenomenon. On the contrary. Over the years many an article has been written about how intranets are dying, but here,…

prosjektledelse med PRINCE2

PRINCE2 – a tried-and-tested approach to project management

What is PRINC2, you might be asking yourself? PRINCE2 is a tried-and-tested “best practice” method for effective project management that is based on the best methods from several industries and experiences gathered from a number of project sponsors, project managers, project teams, training providers and consultants. We think a syste

Aktuelt_Fra Island til Google-satsing i Symfoni

From the neighbouring farm in Iceland to Symfoni and Google partnership

Symfoni focuses first and foremost on the people who work in the company and the skills they have. That fact, along with the Google partnership, was just one of many reasons why I wanted to work precisely here. Symfoni allows people to work better – together. Including the employees. Broad range of services It’s already…

Docs and folders Google Cloud Platform graphic

From Docs & Folders to Google Cloud Platform

When Symfoni started its journey, one of the main products its business was based on was a document management system, known as Docs&Folders or the Symfoni Suite. Symfoni Suite was once hosted on virtual machines on VMware. Every customer had their own Docs&Folders instance and their own database. That meant one instance server per custo

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