SEO tips for Google ranking

How to be found on Google

Search engine optimisation has existed since the end of the 1990s, and is becoming ever more relevant and important, even today. For a long time, rigging (and keyword stuffing) and fixing websites were in focus, but fortunately things have changed. New search habits and digital development have made search engines such as Google more advanced,&#

How we moved Sites CMS to Google Cloud Platform

We have all heard about the famous “move to the cloud” concept, and for many, the concept of moving things out of your own office or hosting center and into this “cloud” seem daunting. In this article, I will give some insights into how we did this for one of our applications, a Legacy Monolithic…

What does having a database in the cloud mean?

The word “website” does not mean the same thing today as it did ten years ago, and most people have grasped that it has something to do with this “cloud” business. But what does the cloud mean for people who have a website? The big difference is the structure of the systems. In this short…

Can Happeo make G Suite users happier?

“We already have the best collaboration platform in the world through G Suite, so why should we spend time and money on more tools?” Good question. It’s absolutely true that G Suite was created from scratch to support collaboration on all levels. Gone is the need to deal with version management, sending files back and…

Why should you choose G Suite for your business?

We at Symfoni strive to get people to work better – together. That’s why we believe in Google services and why we think that their solutions are the best for businesses. The productivity tools in G Suite are suitable for businesses of all sizes, and they will save time and make the working day more…

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