Better interaction with Happeo

You can improve the social interaction within your business and get more satisfied employees with Happeo. Strengthen the interaction, commitment and motivation within your workforce with a platform that works.

Symfoni believes that the intranet should be a platform for interaction and a place where companies can strengthen communication internally. The digital collaboration platform Happeo offers just that. Happeo is an intranet, social network and a platform where employees can share ideas, create and discuss, and you can constantly make sure that what’s published actually gets read.

Happeo integrates the G Suite productivity tools that the workplace depends on. You have access to all files on all platforms with two way synchronization.

Why choose Happeo?

Create a personal and engaging digital work surface and profile for the employees

Strengthen internal communication within the company. Engage, align and inform the employees using only one platform

Use custom channels to distribute and advertise news

Find, share and edit Google Drive files without leaving the intranet

Encourage and reach the employees using the Happeo mobile app

Happeo strengthens interaction internally, and we believe the this is the recipe for success. We offer package solutions to ensure efficient delivery, depending on the need and size of your organization. Our packages include G Suite licenses, Happeo license and priority access to competent support services from Symfoni. Find the package solution that suits your business!

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Next Basic

G Suite Basic license, Happeo license and access to support from Symfoni.

12 €
/ month / user

Next Business

G Suite Business license, Happeo license and access to support from Symfoni.

17 €
/ month / user

Next Enterprise

G Suite Enterprise license, Happeo license and access to support from Symfoni.

27 €
/ month / user